Town Pier

Fishing is permitted off the town wharf without a fishing license. Fishing in any other location requires the purchase of a Maryland State Fishing License.

fireboat-pierTown Pier Slips

The Town Pier was fully funded by grant money from the State of Maryland’s Boating Administration. As such, the Boating Administration and the Town have certain regulations that must be followed in making this pier available for use by the public.

  • All slip holders will have the right of renewal in the following year
  • The Commissioners voted to increase the slip rental fees by $60, each year, for the three years, beginning with the 2014 boating season.
    • 2014 – $460.00
    • 2015 – $520.00
    • 2016 – $580.00
    • 2017 – $580.00
  • Additionally, a Boat Slip User Fee (tax) will be applied in the amount of (5%) of the cost of the slip not to exceed $100 per annum, authorized by Charlestown Ordinance 2011-01, as amended August 2012 & the Annotated code of Maryland Section 9-605, Article 24. the slip tax for the next three years, based on the aforementioned slip rental fees, are as follows;
    • 2014 – $23.00
    • 2015 – $26.00
    • 2016 – $29.00
    • 2017 – $29.00
  • The increases were approved by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and are necessary to assure adequate revenue will be available for the future maintenance of the facility. The DNR required the governing body to maintain any facility in which the Sate has invested some public funds and the DNR cannot guarantee the availability of funds or grants in the future. Additionally, the Town will need to purchase at least six new ice-eaters to protect the pier & pilings from winter ice damage and the dock is to be equipped this year with strategically placed fire extinguishers and life rings for the safety of the boaters renting slips on the pier.
  • The 2015 $546 total fee for the boating season must be paid to the Town prior to occupying your assigned slip no later than March 15th of the current year. Any slips not contracted by March 15th may be assigned to the next person on the waiting list.
  • The Boating Administration requires that all boats occupying seasonally assigned slip must be Maryland registered. The regulation must be met prior to occupying seasonally assigned slips.
  • The Town Pier boating season is March 15th thru November 15th. Boats will not be permitted at the pier from November 16th thru March 14th because of winter icing.
  • The Boating Administration and the Town require that this facility be used to its maximum extent. Therefore, any slip contracted must be actively occupied during the season and not vacant. Any slips that are not regularly occupied during the summer may be reassigned to the next person on the waiting list.
  • All slips are 11’x24’ with 4’ of water depth. The maximum length boat permitted at this dock is 26’ over-all.
  • Because of the limited width of the dock surface, dock boxes are not permitted.
  • Any structures or devices to aid in boat boarding must receive prior approval before installation.
  • All slip holders will be responsible for securing their boats within their assigned slips. There is no regular Town security patrol. As boat piers carry some inherent degree of personal danger, all slip holders use this facility at their own risk. The Town will not assume any liability for theft, sinking, injuries or other damage caused by boats, property, or people using this facility.
  • NO SUBLETTING. All boats must be registered to the applicant or an immediate family member residing at the applicant’s address.
  • There are 36 slips on this dock but the Boating Administration has required that 2 slips be kept unassigned and made available for traveling transient boaters. Therefore, 34 slips are available for permanent yearly assignment.
  • You will retain the same slip that you occupied the previous year.
  • This pier is strictly for boating activities. Fishing and swimming are not permitted from this facility.
  • Courteous and proper behavior is required at all times.
  • Electricity and water pedestals have been installed on the Town Pier. (In addition to the connections needed for the “ice eaters”) Continual use of electricity will not be permitted. (i.e. air-conditioning and heating)

Any violation of the above regulations may result in the loss of your boat slip with no refund.

Current Town Pier Waiting List – Contact Town Hall for a Town Pier Waiting List Application

Our Current Waiting List can be found at the link below:

2018 wait list