Route 7 Rezoning Petition

February 17, 2021

Recently, there have been two applications filed with the Cecil County Department of Planning and Zoning seeking to Rezone properties located adjacent to MD Route 7, between Wells Camp Road to the East, and Rt 7’s intersection with Rt 40 to the West.  The properties in question total approximately 130 acres and currently are either zoned Suburban Transitional (ST) or Business General (BG), and they are requesting to have their respective zoning designations changed and intensified to Heavy Industrial (M2).

The Town Commissioners of Charlestown have voted unanimously to oppose this rezoning primarily due to the anticipated negative impact Heavy Industrial zoning would have on our community, its close proximity to our residential areas, and the degradation of the bucolic character of our Town and surroundings environs.

For more information regarding each specific application and or location you may click upon the following links:       

EJP, LLC (application attached hereto).

York Building Products (Details to follow)

The purpose of this petition is to provide you an opportunity to be counted as to your opposition to this zoning request.  There is no requirement for you to participate, although we do request you to provide your name, address, phone and email for verification purposes.  A copy of this petition is intended to be presented to the Cecil County Council on March 2nd, 2021, at the time of the zoning hearing when they will render a decision on the contemplated rezoning.  Your participation and time are appreciated.

Click below to take part in the the abovementioned petition:

Rt. 7 Petition

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