Boards and Commissions

The Town of Charlestown has an elected board of (5) commissioners who each serve a 2-year term. Commissioners are volunteers and are not compensated for sitting on the board. Town elections are held the first Tuesday of March each year with two Commissioner Seats open one year and three seats open the next. After they are sworn in, the Commissioners vote for their officers.

If you wish to vote in all elections (general and town elections), contact the Cecil County Election Board (410) 996-5310 for a registration form. If you wish to vote in Town elections only, obtain a “Town Only” registration form from the Town Hall.

The following are volunteer commissions in the Town. Openings on any of these commissions are filled by appointment of the Town Commissioners.   For more information on any of these commissions, please contact Town Hall.

Planning and Zoning Commission (5 year term)
Rogers Clements: Chairman Term Expires November 2022
Bert Gay Term Expires October 2019
Tom Durange Term Expires November 2019
Kenneth Confalone Term Expires November 2019
Patricia Clements Term Expires March 2019 (Commissioner Liaison)
Historic District Commission (3 year term)
Ronald Edwards: Chairman Term Expires December 2019
Linda S. Slicer Term Expires December 2018
 Suzanne Fockler Term Expires December 2018
Charles D. Murphy Term Expires December 2019
Diane Letts Term Expires December 2018
Suzann Barker Term Expires December 2020
Mary Confalone Term Expires December 2020
Rebecca Phillips Member Emeritus
Board of Appeals (3 year term)
Nelson H. McCall: Chairman Term Expires December 2018
Edgar McMullen Jr. Term Expires December 2019
James D. Ward Term Expires December 2019
Ron Daniels: Alternate Undefined
Ethics Commission (3 year term)
Prosper Boudart Term Expires January 2021
Jack Gilley Term Expires January 2019
Andy Thompson Term Expires January 2021
Election Board (2 year term)
Diane Letts Term Expires December 2018
Rosalyn Bott Term Expires December 2019
Prosper Boudart Term Expires December 2019
 Avalon Park Development Team
Joseph Letts
Jennifer Arnold
Prosper Boudart
Pauline Bryant
Patsy Clements
Mary Clark Confalone
Pia Fassold
Angela Heckman
Charter Reveiw Committee
Kenneth Confalone, Chair
Loretta Wankle, Vice Chair
Ursula Boudart, Secretary
Robert Gell
Jack Gilley
Joseph Letts
Edgar McMullen, Jr.