Colonial Charlestown - Charlestown Maryland

Colonial Charlestown

A call to arms.  Turning the tide to preserve our history.

Charlestown was part of the American experience before it was the United States. Generations of resourceful colonists became determined towns people who saw their historic crossroads town start to slip away.  The old taverns and homes were all that remained and they needed help.

Fire and general deterioration are typical hazards for 275 year old structures in an eastern-shore town.  Time took its toll as one landmark after another succumbed.   The final impetus arrived when one of the best remaining Dutch colonial houses was purchased, dismantled and the pieces moved to be reassembled by the new owner in Pennsylvania.

Taking action to help save the remainder,  Colonial Charlestown Inc., a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization was formed by some of the very people who grew up attending Charlestown’s one room school house.

Four structures in town were placed on the National Historic Registry.  One of them, known locally as the Tory House, was purchased by the newly formed not-for-profit, taken back from near ruin, repaired and turned into a colonial times house museum of Charlestown artifacts, notes and drawings that illustrate how early residents worked and lived their lives in a revolutionary time worth remembering.

Latest Colonial Charlestown Newsletter:

Colonial Charlestown Newslewtter Sept 2018

Recently Colonial Charlestown sponsored games and crafts at the Tory House for children.  Check out the fun below: