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Leash Law:

As a residential community, the Town encourages all residents to protect our kids and each other by making sure our pets are properly restrained, vaccinated and licensed.

If you have a dog, it should not roam at large off your property. Fines for a loose pet can be expensive. To lodge a complaint about a loose animal or more information regarding animal control, vaccination clinics or licensing, call A Buddy for Life, Inc. 410-392-000.
Dog Waste is a threat to the health of our children and all our residents. It degrades our Town and transmits disease. PLEASE leash, curb and clean up after your dog. It is required by law.

Cecil County has calendar year dog licenses. Therefore, all new licenses shall be valid until December 31 of the current year when purchased.

  • Spayed or neutered – $10.00
  • Spayed or neutered and registered microchip (proof required) -$5.00
  • Non-altered with registered microchip (proof required) – $15.00
  • Non-Altered – $20
  • license transfer fee $5.00
  • replacement dog tag is original is lost $2.00
  • Service Dogs – Free (Only issued at County Finance Office)
  • Commercial Kennel – $100 (not able to be issued at Town Hall)
  • Senior Citizens *(Only sold at County Finance Office & proof of age required)
  • Non Altered – $18
  • *Non Altered with registered microchip (proof required ) -$15
  • *Spayed/neutered up to two dogs – free

House Numbers:

There is a Town ordinance which requires house numbers be displayed on every residence and business. Numbers are to be no less than 4 inches in height and affixed on or close to the residence in such a manner that they are easily seen from the street.
This helps ambulance, fire and/or police personnel to locate your residence as quickly as possible. In the case of an emergency where seconds may count, the simple task of displaying your house number may save a life.

Snow Removal:

Sidewalks must be shoveled within (24) hours after snow has stopped falling. The town maintenance workers will clear the town streets. When possible, please park your cars off the streets so the town workers can clear the streets properly.

Mosquito Spraying:

The Town has mosquito spraying done during the season on a monthly basis by the County. The spray vehicle usually operates just after dawn and before dusk. It is advisable to avoid active contact with the aerosol spray.

Postal Service:

There is no mail delivery for Charlestown addresses. An address with a 21914 zip code must obtain a Post Office box. Street addressed mail will be returned to the sender. Call the Postmaster with any questions. 410-287-2560

Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency – Fire/Ambulance/Police  911

Charlestown Town Hall Emergency  Curtis Elmer, 443-309-4658

Cecil County Sheriff’s Office  410-996-5500

Charlestown Elementary School  410-996-6240

Charlestown Fire Company  410-287-6451

Charlestown Missionary Baptist Church  410-287-3069

Charlestown Post Office  410-287-2560

Charlestown Town Hall  410-287-6173

Perryville High School  410-996-6000

Perryville Middle School  410-996-6010

St. Johns United Methodist Church  410-287-2434

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